The development of interdisciplinary doctoral studies in modern tech. – Summer schools/workshops

Summer schools/workshops


It is planned to organise 18 specialized scientific 2-3 days workshops for about 15-25 students and teaching staff. These workshops will be themed and designed to deepen the practical knowledge (consultation with industry) and the theory in areas that are not sufficiently covered by regular lectures.


During the project it is intended to organise 16 outgoing Summer Schools. These activities are designed to present selected specific topics, to integrate the PhD students environment, to teach them to interact with other students and will be open for students from other universities. Topics for each school will be chosen to allow students from various years to present reports in the form of posters and oral presentations (on a competitive basis).

"SOFT-SKILLS" courses

As part of the project workshops will be prepared the in the area of "soft skills" or additional skills, which will strengthen the skills gained by PhD students. The example of topics covered by the workshops are: how to prepare and write research papers, preparing grant applications, preparing projects, costing of projects, protection of intellectual property rights and patents, the use of literature and patent databases etc.

Projekt "Rozwój interdyscyplinarnych studiów doktoranckich na Politechnice Gdańskiej w zakresie nowoczesnych technologii"
jest współfinansowany przez Unię Europejską w ramach Europejskiego Funduszu Społecznego